We are 6 piece band from Alice Springs, that formed in 2013 to bring the songs from Edi's EP "The Endless Shores of the Inland Sea" to the stage. With a wild array of influences from dark gritty alternative markings to a lashing of operatic theatricality, delicately woven electronic production to acoustic and world roots, the music of Edi Donald and the Transients carries a trans-genre chiaroscuro epic-ness and that irrevocable quality of music both of and outside it’s time.


The band are cellist Isabelle Kirkbride, percussionist and drummer Shon Klose, bass, accordionist and ukulele player Svetlana Bunic, vocalis and Kora Rebecca Mattews, Violin and vocalist Claire Wieland and singer/songwriter and guitarist Edi Donald. 


Edi is a rugged song-smith whose stunningly emotive voice and vivid lyricism embodies the archetype of the androgyn fiercely and intentionally defying definition. As a trans artist, Edi seeks to represent and give voice to the transgender perspective as one fragment amongst a powerful and beautiful spectrum of gender and human identities. 


Initially hailing from Sydney, Edi has been based in Alice Springs since 2008. The desert has found its way into Edi’s music and perspectives since they moved here. The extraordinary immensity and scale of the natural environment of Central Australia has heavily influenced both the content and the sound of Edi’s music. Along side their own art Edi has given most of their time to working on community development and music projects across the remote parts of the desert especially women’s music development projects such as Sista Sounds and Desert Divas.


Currently Edi Donald and the Transients are developing their new music,  

The band has played sold out shows in Alice Springs for the EP launch, and opened the main stage at Wide Open Space Festival 2014, as well as touring as the Premier event at Melbourne's Midsumma Festival in January 2015 and playing shows for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

They are currently developing music for release in 2017.


CELLO / Isabelle Kirkbride
KORA/VOCALS / Rebecca Matthews




This is the luscious, theatrical and epic debut EP, for Alice Springs based artist Edi Donald. The music draws the listener into soundscapes of a visceral and visual music that has emerged from the fabric of desert places. The songs will take the listener through stories of land and sea and above all the liminality of place and identity. The sound of Edi's remarkable voice and poetry is layered with strings, electronic beats, live percussion, bass, guitar, ukelele and vocal harmonies that release the ear into worlds, sometimes exquisite sometimes arresting, sometimes breathtaking and always saturating.

released 19 December 2013 

All songs written by Edi Donald 
Co-programmed, co-produced and mixed by Benjamin Last and Edi Donald 
Vocals, guitar, ukelele, bass: Edi Donald 
Cello: Eszter Mikes-Liu 
Violin and Viola: Laura Targett 
Daff and Tabla: Benjamin Last

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